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For I am Covid and I exist?


I am invisible and silent and love to bereave.

I cover the surfaces you touch and pollute the air you breath.

I close churches and mosques so you cannot pray.

I can hitch a ride on you or kill you, or so they say.


For I am Covid and I exist


I stop and start riots at will.

I lock up the innocent  and free those who kill.

I  divide you by race , age and more.

I am your reason to hate and even wage war.


For I am Covid and I exist


I came from  Bioweapons Labs , bats and snakes.

I spread through buildings and sewers, whatever it takes.

I am in the oceans and all over the land.

I control all your movements , even your hand.


For I am Covid and I exist.


I make the poor poorer and ruin lives.

I separate families and make you hate your wives.

I destroy your lifes work and fill you with fear.

I divide and conquer as you cannot come near.


For I am covid and I exist.


I have destroyed your world and usher in the New Order.

I will force you to take the mark of the beast or never cross any border.

I have turned you into trembling sheep.

You are all fools of a kind.


For I am Covid and I exist-BUT ONLY IN YOUR MIND.


Lunar Doc


Existential threats to humanity are real and most people are asleep to them and refuse to wake up.

Most are aware of the  Global Pandemic caused by a coronavirus causing a disease named by the WHO Corvid -19.

This is however not one of the existential threats I refer to.

At the time of writing this the world has basically voluntarily shut down .

The fear being generated is far more dangerous than the virus which, as Dr Fauci of the CDC corporation wrote in a medical journal some time ago, is comparable to a bad flu outbreak.

There is a serious Globalist agenda driving the media at this time which is full of disinformation.

The gaol of all this is to destroy the Constitution of the USA and seriously curtail personal liberty and increase surveillance.

Although this virus may well have been made as a bioweapon it is being used as a psychological weapon.

The scientific basis fro it being man made is pretty good. The evidence that it is now being used as a psychological weapon is also very clear.

It has not met Kochs postulates which are the rules which must be confirmed to presume a virus actually causes a disease. You carry around millions of viruses in and on your body. it is no easy task to show one of them actually causes a specific disease.

Greater threats than this pandemic exist however including 5G rollout with no testing for health adverse effects and Strataspheric Aerosol Injeection and other geo engineering activities going on in our skies.

These activities are as insane as the present lockdown and in fact more sinister.

Commonly dismissed as conspiracy theories, geo engineering and the danger of 5G are ridiculed and subject to massive disinformation programs.

Many have been brainwashed into believing that anything labelled as a conspiracy theory is a lie and anyone labelled a conspiracy theorist is an uneducated fool . This has been done  purposely.

The term conspiracy theory has been pushed into the minds of millions by sophisticated mental programming/ brain washing techniques in the media and print by the CIA since 1967.

Look up CIA document 1035-960 September 1976 which was produced by them in response to doubts expressed as to the accuracy and honesty of the Warren Report concerning  the JFK assassination. They instructed all operatives to contact the elites of the media and use the term conspiracy theory to label anything that contradicted the official narrative as a lie , a conspiracy theory.

Now ,after over fifty years, the term  has become the way to ridicule or silence someone in less than two seconds.

Millions immediately dismiss any statements called conspiracy theories as pathetic lies - immediately . A Pavlov dog type response.


How can the governments introduce 5G technology with no human safety studies required when there are over 3000 medical and scientific papers in print showing the previous generations of  1 to 4G can all cause very serious medical problems in humans .The 5G frequencies are up to fifty times more powerful that 4G and include known anti human weapon systems?

The previous 1 to 4G technology has been shown to cause brain cancer , infertility, neurological problems, DNA breaks and many other serious potentially lethal side effects. This is published in many scientific and medical journals.

Common sense tells many physicians and scientists that 5G is potentially much more damaging, the politicians and elite however will not listen.

Go to the evidence section to see videos of  physicians testifying before the US congress and see how they are ignored by uneducated and ignorant people who were elected by the people. Watch the film below which gives an introduction to the issues.



           The 5G Apocalypse

             Extinction Event

The answer is they think we are too stupid and uneducated to think about it and to them it is all about money . Your health is irrelevant.In fact you are totally irrelevant to them.


Why do I look up at the sky in Florida everyday and see planes spraying chemicals high up in  the stratosphere? Every day, criss crossing trails of thick chemicals  which eventually form a dirty layer of dull uniform cloud  that blocks the sun.

For a clue to the answer, look up another CIA document on their official website.

A report on John Brennon's ( ex CIA chief )speech to the Council for Foreign Relations in 2016.

He states openly that his preferred method for dealing with global warming is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection which is one of the techniques used in  geo- engineering or weather control .This has all been labelled as a  conspiracy theory, termed  Chemtrails, so you will not believe it .

Even though if you look up you cannot miss it, and if you read just a little about it then you will know they are not contrails which virtually do not exist in these days of modern jet engines.

His estimate of the cost was $20 billion a year.

By the CIAs own admission they keep the public at least 10 years behind in what they are actually doing although it is much longer than that.

The best resource for information on this is the site below.

Dane Wiggington who has put this site together over many years is a tireless and heroic proponent of the truth . 

The facts are that the experiments started 70 years ago and were first used as weather warfare in Vietnam to turn the Ho Chi Min trail into a quagmire to prevent enemy  troop movements.

Since then weather manipulation and warfare have been ongoing.

search of the internet will take you to sites of corporations offering weather modification services all over the world, including steering hurricanes.

It is a massive  business running beneath the general populations radar.

Chemicals, including nanoparticles of Aluminum  are sprayed and electromagnetic waves from military weather weapons like Ionosphere heaters and HAARP installations make and change weather .

When I first studied medicine, Alzheimers Disease and Autism were extremely uncommon . Now we are facing an epidemic of both.

Many scientists have demonstrated the link between Aluminum toxicity in the brain to both these conditions.

The main stream media ignores the evidence and social media attempts to block all discussion.

Aluminum nanparticles are falling from the sky continually in the air we breath and migrate easily along the olfactory nerve and through the brain barrier to deposit in the brain in areas which cause Alzheimers.

Vaccines are known to contain Aluminum used as so called adjuvants . Aluminum has also been shown to be present in the brains of children with autism.

The link is so obvious to those who see the facts and are not impressed with the disinformation.However the platform of those who see the truth is so small compared with the main stream media.

They are not heard, and if they get through they are buried in ridicule ,hate , disinformation and censorship.

The main stream media , all of it owned by just five corporations in the US is totally in on the deception.

You are fed lies and disinformation every minute of every day .

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