The science so far.

In the 1990's I was involved in medical research trials in Scandinavia.

In  a social conversation, some scientists I worked with mentioned that evidence was emerging that the increased use of cell phones may be causing neurological problems and even an increase in the incidence of brain cancers in kids.

They told me that Nokia was getting into panic mode and recruiting scientists to refute these claims.

A lot of money was on offer in the form of research grants to get rid of this problem.

That was a long time ago, but I have never forgotten it.

Recently the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) called for biomedical scientists researching the link between NIR from cell phone and wireless use with cancer to submit information to them for a ninety-day period which began in July 2018.

This has prompted many experts in the field to point out publicly – for example, on the Electro Magnetic Frequency, South Africa (EMF-SA) website – that the ICNIRP reviewers are scientists known to have a pro-industry stance and they doubt if the results of such a review will be unbiased.

Likewise, the CTIA  in the USA continually tries to cast doubt on the many studies which have linked cell phone use  to cancer and other serious health problems.

The telecoms industry financially supports scientists who will question the results of independent research studies, while defunding those who find results which support claims that cell phone radiation  is associated with brain cancer.

The power and funding of industry we are up against is astounding. 

Their actions are psychopathic, sociopathic, and very hard for normal, intelligent people to believe.

The Main Stream Media has been silenced along with individuals.

There are many ways to silence scientists and doctors.

They can be bought with cash or research grants, ridiculed, fired, lose pension rights, or be silenced in a myriad of other ways which are even more unpleasant.

At minimum, anyone writing what I am will be called a "Conspiracy Theorist," see Definitions Section.

Ask yourself why academic speech should be silenced.

What are they scared of?

Below I outline just some of the information  they do not want you to know or believe.

The links to all these studies and claims are in the Evidence section.

The Bioinitiative Report from Orebro University in Sweden has kept track of the incidence of deadly brain tumors for years. A new update published in 2017 shows the evidence has strengthened for brain cancers related to wireless phone use (cordless and cell phones). The update analyzes scientific results of case control studies published between 2010 and 2017 on brain cancers.

To quote the study:

”For Glioma, a malignant brain tumor with a very poor survival rate, there is a near doubling of the risk if the phone is used for 1640 hours a year.

“If the cell phone is used primarily on the same side of the head the odds of getting a tumor on that side increase to two and a half times, compared with no wireless phone exposure."

This phone usage amounts to about four hours a day.

The incidence of a second type of brain tumor, the Acoustic Neuroma, also known as a Schwannoma, which grows on the Acoustic Nerve connecting the inner ear to the brain, is also increased. The same type of phone usage results in an increased incidence of these tumors by a factor of two and three quarters.


As long ago as 2011, The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer classified all WiFi (wireless non-ionizing radiation, NIR) as a possible human carcinogen. The National Institute of Health (NIH) also stated that cellphone radiation should be classified as a possible carcinogen. 

Both organizations have never retracted or updated these statements.

The California Brain Tumor Organization website confirms that there are thousands of medical and scientific papers published that show that nonthermal microwave radiation (NIR) used in cell phones and cordless phones is extremely harmful to humans, especially young ones with developing brains. They also state that the FCC regulations are useless because they only look at thermal (heating) effects.

Other studies show there is an increase in the incidence of Parotid (Salivary) gland tumors, and also Thyroid gland tumors. The Parotid gland being found just below the ear and the Thyroid gland being found at the front of the neck, are obviously organs being exposed to higher levels of cell phone radiation.

There is  evidence for an increase in the incidence of Testicular tumors in boys when the phone is carried in the pocket and breast cancer in women when the phone is carried in the bra between the breasts.

The mechanism by which this electromagnetic radiation causes cancer is known.

It causes direct damage to DNA by more than one mechanism.

It increases the number of damaging free radicals in the cells and, as DNA acts as a fractal antenna when it is exposed to the microwave environment, it is also physically damaged (by high frequency vibration) in addition to being chemically damaged.

5G frequencies are  going to be fifty times higher than the frequencies already tested.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) in February of 2018 released results of studies done on rats exposed to radio frequency radiation equivalent to that of 2G and 3G phones.

These showed that male rats developed a statistically significant number of malignant heart tumors called Schwannomas. The tumors are composed of Schwann cells, the same type of cells found in Acoustic Neuromas in humans.

Research performed in monkeys using non-ionizing microwave radiation (NIR) applicable to cell phone use was published in the Military Medical Research Journal in 2015 and demonstrated how brain cell damage occurs. To quote:

“Apoptotic damage (cell death which is programmed into the cell and cannot be stopped once started) was seen in neural cells in rats at a microwave frequency of 2.856 GHz for 5 minutes and 15 minutes, which is equivalent to a 3G mobile phone being used at a power density of 30.000 microwatts per centimeter squared.”

Many other effects of microwaves on the brain have been studied. For example, significant changes in brain monoamine oxidase neurotransmitters adversely affect memory, learning, and stress levels – especially in children.

A study of people living in close proximity to a cell phone base station tower in Egypt showed a marked increase in headaches, memory changes, dizziness, tremors, depression, and sleep disturbances when compared with a control group.

To protect Israeli children from its potential health risks the Mayor of Haifa in Israel banned WiFi in schools, mandating that all schools where young children are present should have wired internet. Since that time Cypress, France, and Belgium have followed suit.


In comparison, most school classrooms in the US are getting more and more saturated with NIR.

The small print issued with your new cell phone gives you explicit information on how to limit your exposure to cell phone radiation, like using the ear pieces or speakerphone, and holding the phone a certain distance away from your head. 

Why would they inform you to limit your exposure if it was safe? 

Why are there are no insurance companies willing to supply cell phone makers with liability insurance related to health issues?

Their lawyers are aware that for the last three decades people have been suing multinational telecommunication companies for causing brain cancer.

The first case was David Reynard v NEC Corporation in 1992. Details of subsequent litigation can be found on the Environmental Health Trust website under Cell Phone Mediation and Litigation.

This is just a small sample of  the data available on the serious adverse effects of EMF radiation which can be found if you look for it.

Do you still think that 5G should be rapidly introduced with no safety testing?


This push to introduce 5G technology in the USA while disregarding health issues is to enable the “Internet of Things”, where everything will be connected to the internet.

Digital devices and routers, meters measuring electricity, gas, and water usage (so called “smart meters”), along with every electrical appliance in your environment – including self driving cars – will be wirelessly connected.


5G is not just an upgrade for our cell phones; it is much more than that. The hardware to deliver it is original and specifically developed for 5G. 

The permitted electromagnetic frequencies have been increased by a factor of fifty,

From a maximum of 6GHz for 4G to a range from 30GHz to 300GHz for 5G.

(This frequency range includes frequencies used in microwave weapons for crowd control).

The frequency of the microwaves and therefore wavelength is important, as higher frequencies which have shorter wavelengths have been shown to cause more biological harm.


As 5G microwaves do not travel through objects such as buildings or walls, there will need to be miniature cell towers called SmallCells situated every 250 yards throughout entire cities and rural areas. They are designed to use very small antennas so, unlike the standard cell towers, they can be placed on existing utility poles or flagpoles and even disguised as cactuses, which they already are.


Also developed for 5G is a technology called MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). Whereas 4G antennas have 12 ports, 8 transmitters and 4 receivers, 5G antennas have 100 ports. 

Electromagnetic interference is minimized by beam formation which saturates the environment; simply put the technology generates millions of electromagnetic beams of much higher electromagnetic frequency.

Plans state that there will need to be at least 800,000 of these Small Cell towers by 2026 in the US alone. There are 13,000 of them already. 

Since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 the placement of these Small Cell Antennae cannot be regulated by local or state authorities and the general public has no say in the matter.

If the industry wants to place one right next to your house you have no say in it.

You may want to think about your property values even if you don't believe what I am saying, others do.

If that is not enough to concern you, then consider that it is planned to launch approximately 20,000 satellites to help saturate the planet with 5G.

These launches have already begun.

The lab rats are you!                                                                                                        777