5G weapon systems


Microwave weapons use millimeter frequencies which are allowable within 5G systems,

The crowd control weapons use 94 GHz which is well within the 5G range of 60 to 300GHz.

So amongst all the other things that 5G can enable, like the” internet of things”, it is also a weapon system. For example, it has already been used as a weapon of war in Iraq, both for non lethal crowd control and the Voice of God weapon.


A search of the web can bring up a lot of information on microwave weapons, and below I am supplying links to some of the more commonly known details on the use of 5G frequencies as weapons.


Already produced and used is a crowd control system known as an Active Denial System. See below a description of this weapon on Globalsecurity.org.




The weapon works by heating up the tissues and especially the fluids just under the skin, like sweat in sweat glands, causing agonizing pain so the target has immediately to flee from the area. This is touted as an alternative to lethal force and is active at a range of many hundreds of yards.

Although reports say that permanent damage is unlikely, a significant percentage of test subjects, who were military personnel, suffered serious skin burns. 


The wavelength of the microwaves used in this weapon is 94 GHz.

This is a 5G frequency. Compare it to 2.45 GHz in a microwave oven.

The maximum allowable wavelengths in 4G were 6 GHz, a long way from 94 GHZ.

The 5G maximum however is 300 GHz, and 94 GHz fits right in there, actually at the lower end.


If you consider the hundreds of thousands of small cell 5G towers I have mentioned  surrounding your neighborhood, along with tens of thousands of satellites  saturating our environment with these microwaves, then it is very easy to see how this 5G grid could be turned into a crowd control weapon at the flick of a switch.


Although a likely use is to protect military installations, it could also be used to keep crowds of people in one area. The military has already stated that it could be used in crowd control on US citizens. 

Follow the link below to an Associated Press article from quite a few years ago that states this. 




This is not just conjecture, it is very real.


Recently there were claims of US diplomatic personnel being made sick by ? sonic weapons in the Cuban embassy .

This was an initial attempt to mislead folk but still blame the Russians and Cubans for somehow attacking US diplomats.

In the article below taken from the UK Guardian and New York Times newspapers they point out that it is far more likely that the neurological symptoms and possible brain damage was cause by a microwave weapons.




Also note that it is openly admitted that you can beam microwaves at a persons brain and make them hear sounds , the Frey effect.

This effects was used in the Iraq war and known as the Voice of God weapon.

There are also patents that claim microwaves can be used to project voices into the minds of targeted subjects  and if you watch the YouTube video below you will hear a stated military whistleblower talk about these things.

Even if you doubt the whistle blower is real , everything he says can be verified by researching patents and military scientific research papers.

This is not new technology it has been around for years.





Video link to whistleblower.





In conclusion, I am saying categorically that the 5G system could be used as a very effective human control grid --- think about it .