Autism, Alzheimers Disease and Aluminum toxicity



In the 1970s Autism was unheard of and Alzheimer’s disease very unusual and unknown to the general public. Now both these diseases have gained epidemic proportions in the Western world and they have become household words.


Many concerned parents became aware of the accusation that the triple vaccine in young children was a cause of autism. The publishing doctor was discredited so much in the media that many were persuaded he was a fraud. His evidence was discredited.

From a medical point of view, vaccination is of huge importance. It was the mechanism by which one of the worst diseases in history, smallpox, was wiped off the face of the planet. If we do not vaccinate children, the herd immunity (this is the immunity status of all the kids together being above a certain percentage so diseases do not break through) will diminish, and we will see the return of serious childhood diseases like measles and mumps. 

In the news these days you will see that this is in fact happening. Epidemics of these diseases are breaking out because kids are not getting vaccinated.


This seems to be the fact that big pharma and bigger government want to hide from us, and they are going to all sorts of lengths—including censoring so called anti-vaxxers from social media, YouTube, and other media outlets.

Many highly qualified doctors who are of the opinion that vaccines can cause autism do not deny that vaccination is important. They are only saying that one component of the vaccines, called the adjuvant, may cause autism. This adjuvant is aluminum in the vaccine, which is injected along with the active part of the vaccine. It is the component of the vaccine that stimulates an inflammatory action around the site of vaccination so the body’s immune cells are attracted to this region. The better the adjuvant works the better the vaccine works, and aluminum is a great adjuvant.

What is the evidence for this?

High concentrations of aluminum are found in children who have autism compared to those who don’t; it is found in their brains and in their hair. Scientists who have asked for samples of the aluminum adjuvant from big pharma companies to definitively test this (just testing the adjuvant and not the whole vaccine) have been refused samples. They have also in many cases been ostracized at their universities because the companies that make massive profits from vaccines donate huge amounts of money to those universities.

An example is Professor Christopher Exley of Keele University in the UK. He is, without a doubt, a world expert on aluminum toxicity. He is also called an anti-vaxxer, but in fact clearly states on the video in the evidence section that vaccines are necessary and he and his children get vaccinated.

Why would the pharmaceutical companies not let scientists test the adjuvents to show there is nothing to worry about? The only answer I can think of is that they know there is a problem and fixing this problem would cost a lot of money.

The decision to get your children vaccinated is exceptionally difficult at this time. Perhaps if I was a member of the elite, I would choose not to vaccinate my own kids and use money and power to control the media so they scare all other parents into getting their kids vaccinated. My children would then be safe because the disease would be under control, as long as the herd immunity stayed at good levels.  

That would be one way to be confident that not vaccinating your kids is OK, to know that everybody else is having their kids vaccinated to keep up the herd immunity—no  problem then as the horrible childhood diseases will not threaten your own. 

Alzheimer’s disease

Aluminum is also very much implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, having been shown in many studies to be present in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients at very high levels. It is present in very dense plaques in areas of the brain which are affected in the disease, like those responsible for short-term memory. There are hundreds of scientific studies on this.

It is possible that a lifetime of vaccinations could cause these deposits of aluminum in the brain and therefore Alzheimer’s dementia. However, there is another very important source of aluminum toxicity—the process of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) used to combat climate change. Very small nanoparticles of aluminum are sprayed from aircraft flying high up in the atmosphere in an attempt to control global warming. The objective is to reflect sunlight back into space and reduce the temperature of the earth. This process has only recently been referred to by scientists from Harvard University on the main stream media. The term used is geoengineering, and they talk as if it is something new which could happen in the near future—but it has been going on for many years. 

Learn much more about this on the website

In June 2016, John Brennan, the then director of the CIA, spoke out on SAI at the meeting of the Council for Foreign Relations in Washington DC. He stated it would be effective in decreasing the effects of global warming and cost about $20 billion per year. You can read this at the end of his speech which is posted on the CIA website:

High flying aircraft spray the stratosphere with nanoparticles of metals, including aluminum. These eventually fall to earth and pollute our environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat now all contain these toxic metals. The very small nanoparticles of aluminum can be absorbed directly into the brain via the olfactory nerves in the nose when we breathe in polluted air. This rapid absorption of a substance though the nasal passages into the brain is exemplified by the rapid hit one gets by sniffing cocaine. They can also be absorbed, although less efficiently, via the gut and skin.

So where do we go from here?

Until our governments tell us the truth and stop discrediting anyone who tries to tell the truth there is little can be done .

We can spread these facts to friends and people who will listen and perhaps when a critical mass is reached the politicians will listen , learn and get some sense .