Treating Corvid-19 Infections with the Over-the-Counter Medications, 

                                                             Zinc and Quercetin


I have been following the medical research on treating Corvid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. The links below will enable you to confirm that what I am about to say is true and help you to do your own research. 


I do not sell these products. I disseminate information and not medical advice. I look on this as a public service—no other agenda.


These are the facts.


If the virus actually exists and causes the disease  Corvid-19, it is an RNA virus that efficiently gets into your cells and programs them to make millions of additional copies of itself. This process can be blocked by the presence of Zinc in the cell. The problem is that Zinc cannot get into the cell through its cell membrane (coat), so just taking Zinc supplements would most likely be a waste of time; the Zinc will just hang out in the fluid outside the cell and do little good. To get the Zinc into the cell, another compound is required called an ionophore.


Clinical trials are using chloroquine to treat Corvid-19, as it is an ionophore—it gets the Zinc ions into the cells. Chloroquine is an antimalarial drug that is available on prescription. 

There is, however, an ionophore available over the counter in the form of Quercetin, a dietary supplement. In view of this, researchers are also studying Quercetin to treat Corvid-19 infections.


Before anyone asks—no, there is no proof that taking Quercetin and Zinc supplements will work yet.

Just as there is no proof that the global pandemic is any more severe than a normal flu epidemic.

I simply present an informed, logical argument. It will need the completion of double-blind placebo-type clinical trials, which will not be published for a while.


Please do not ask me for any more information like dosages. You need to do the research yourself. Personally, if I got exposed now, I would try it.


You may consider that Big Pharma has far more interest in there being proof that their failed Ebola drug or anti-AIDS drug works, than in people finding out they can buy something over-the-counter that may help.


We live in dark times to be sure and it is not because of the virus..

Simply relying on others at times like these is not a great idea.

God helps them who themselves.





Here are the links to start your research:


—Montreal researchers to test using Quercetin to treat Corvid-19.


—Chloroquine is a Zinc ionophore.


—Quercetin as an antiviral agent inhibits Influenza A activity.