Conspiracy Theorist.

First coined in CIA document #1035-960 published September 1967 after publication and criticism of The Warren Report on the JFK assassination which was immediately attacked, by those who have eyes to see, as being a government cover up.

Addressed to, "friendly elite contacts especially editors and politicians"

(don't you love that term elite!) it suggests they discredit all dissenting voices by accusing them of  being uninformed and biased, "conspiracy theorists".

They therefore defined a new derogatory term for any critic of the official story.

A "conspiracy  theorist" is  someone who should not be bothered with, leave alone listened to, as their opinion is basically worthless.

Over the years the media has done an excellent job in promoting this term to stifle any dissenting views no matter how well qualified and correct  the dissenter may be.

You are a conspiracy theorist, end of conversation.

Great job CIA!

One of the best brain washing, psychological manipulation programs I have ever seen.

They even got me to believe it in my young and naive days.


An individual who has got recognized academic qualifications in his field of expertise and can use them to advance his specialized area of science.

Many are truly knowledgable and contribute immensely to society.

Not all however.

Some believe that just because they have qualifications they should not be questioned, this is manifestly not a good sign that you should trust them. 

Most importantly, they should be  open minded and not bought and paid for by the military/medical/industrial complex or in fear of losing pension rights, reputation or in extreme cases their lives.

Research is required to find out if the scientist or physician you are listening to fits the above description.

Nota Bene.

There are many people whose opinion I respect who have no qualifications.

If they have evidence and can analyze a situation using logic - I am listening.

Qualifications can be abused just like anything else.

They also often do not correlate at all with IQ.

Beware of those with titles before, and letters after their name who insist on using them.