The Weapon of Wuhan.


Denial, deception, lies and incompetence encompass the world.





                          ALL TRUTH PASSES THROUGH THREE STAGES.

                                           FIRST IT IS RIDICULED.

                                SECOND IT IS VIOLENTLY OPPOSED.



                                           ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER









On 18th October 2019 the USA held what they termed a table top exercise simulating a Global Pandemic caused by the emergence of a novel (new) coronavirus, this was called Event 21.

It was organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The exercise was to estimate the global effect of such an event.

In this scenario 65 million people worldwide died.



In early December 2019 a novel coronavirus appeared in Wuhan China.

It began spreading and killing people at an alarming rate.

The World Health Organization subsequently named this virus the SARS-CoV2 and the disease it caused Covid-19. 


The Chinese authorities insisted the virus came from a sea food and live animal market in Wuhan that sold exotic animals like bats and snakes for human consumption. 

This theory of the origin of the virus was at first pushed hard, not just by the Chinese state controlled media but also the Main Stream media of the United States and other western countries.


There was in fact another place the virus could have originated very close to the seafood market.

Approximately 20 miles away from the Wuhan food market was China’s only level 4 Biological Warfare laboratory- known as a BSL-4 laboratory.


The Wuhan laboratory was designated as capable of safely handling lethal viruses like the Coronavirus group of pathogens for example SARS and was known to be doing research on this group of viruses.


Although described to the public by governments as research labs for vaccines, these laboratories are biological warfare centers found in many countries in the world.

They deal with the most dangerous and lethal pathogens you do not wish to imagine.

Producing biological weapons  is, illegal under international law but goes on anyway despite many attempts to stop it .

The rationale used to continue this practice is that the weapons have to be developed and studied so the antidotes and vaccines can be made available to that countries military.


The Wuhan site had a close relationship with another BSL-4 laboratory in Winnepeg Canada where work had been done for years on coronaviruses.


Alternative media very early on began to doubt the official Chinese story.


Professor Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Act in 1989 for the US government was one of the first to suggest the virus leaked from the Biological Warfare lab in Wuhan.


 Senator Tom Cotton called on the Trump administration to prove that the Covid -19 virus was not manmade.


Over the weekend of February 15th 2020 ,the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou China reported that the BSL-4 laboratory in Wuhan may have been the source of the coronavirus.


Senator Tom Cotton called on the Trump administration to prove that the Covid -19 virus was not manmade.


On February 22nd the main stream media (MSM ) in the shape of the New York Post printed an article suggesting  that China’s story regarding the origin of the virus should was untrue and it was more likely to have come from a laboratory.


They also pointed out that President Xi had more or less admitted this by stating he was going to strengthen biosecurity risks at labs for the sake of national security.



From the beginning, this Global Pandemic was characterized by denial, lies, deception, incompetence and politically and financially motivated false statements from top government and organization officials. 

There were many culprits in addition to the Chinese authorities. 

The World Health Organization (WHO), the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), the US National Institute of Health (NIH) and the President of the United States, to name just a few.


This book is an account of how the people of the world were deceived and let down by the very organizations which they thought were there to protect them.


It attempts to document all the facts and allow the truth to emerge in the mind of the reader.